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Berlin Breaks

Berlin Breaks story begins, as is so often the case, with the end of another tale. Drummer Trevor Rasmussen and guitarist Brandon Watson, after the disbandment of their earlier group, decided they wanted something more out of music. With a vision of creating a band free of barriers, the two began writing material in late 2012. Under the working title Stendhal Syndrome, bassist Dustin Ballew (Hairy Scary) was soon recruited. 

The three worked on crafting their sound, however, it was a full year before a voice was given to the music. In early 2014 Richard Dean became the vocalist for Berlin Breaks. Under a new moniker, the complete lineup soon became a local favorite. The group established themselves quickly, but in September 2016 Dean was given the opportunity to explore new endeavors and left the group.


Berlin Breaks spent another year, continuing their journey with a variety of guest  vocalists, until Jordan Young auditioned. In September of 2017 the group was once again made whole. Continuing their journey in creating music without barriers, Berlin Breaks hopes you'll enjoy all they have to offer.  

-Jordan Young


-Brandon Watson


-Hairy Scary


-Trevor Rasmussen